How Smart Manufacturing Embraces a Digital Future

Smart manufacturing plays a paramount role disrupting and transforming traditional production and operations in the supply chain thanks to the combination of technology, data, processes, and human interaction. The pandemic has served as a catalyst, accelerating smart manufacturing initiatives. Yet, few organizations have embraced sustained action. For manufacturing leaders, now is the time to take a step forward and accelerate moves toward digital maturity and improved business performance. In

Trends in Manufacturing Toward 2030: Why The Future Is in The Cloud

The future of manufacturing and the forthcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, also called Industry 4.0, have been accelerated at a pace no one could have predicted before the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations have witnessed radical advances in both the technological and social spheres. The future of organizations in a digitalized manufacturing industry in the year 2030 will depend on how fast they evolve and embrace change. Inexpensive data storage with increased computing power and Fourth Indus

Get Top Marks in Continually Developing Supply Chain Competence | Reuters Events | Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence

Business transformation implies a change in the way a company does business, as well as a development of competence in specific functions and processes. Ideally, a culture of change arises and encourages new ways of working towards a more sustainable supply chain. However, to make these changes, organizations often need help from the outside. The Supply Chain Academy from Hughenden Consulting offers some thoughts on the importance of continuous education in making the shift toward organizationa

Nokia Networks Leads in Supply Chain Operations Excellence | Reuters Events | Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence

Nokia Networks, a 150-year-old Finnish company, has forged an incredible record of reinventing itself. Change and evolution have helped Nokia survive for more than a century. A long history of successful change is embedded in today's Nokia Networks supply chain success. To understand the success of Nokia Networks' supply chain operations, it is important to understand where the company came from; its challenges, its changes, and its metamorphosis from its beginnings in the paper industry back i

Top High-Tech Supply Chain Topics in Pictures | Reuters Events | Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence

Today's global electronics supply chain industry is highly complex and diverse. Keeping the same rapid pace at which the industry is moving is paramount for OEMs. EBN travelled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to attend the 9th Annual High-Technology and Electronics Supply Chain Summit organized by Eye for Transport (EfT) on May 20 - 21. We got a glimpse of some of the hottest topics in the global electronics supply chain from the array of experts featured there. Insightful speakers and dynamic

Supply Chain of Things: Challenges & Solutions | Reuters Events | Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence

The Internet of Things, (IoT) can bring more complexity to the supply chain, but it can also bring greater visibility affecting the supply chain's operations in a positive way. The IoT will bring supply chains a $1.9 trillion boost. Pascal Fernandez, vice president at Avnet, one of the world's largest global distributors of electronic components, computer products, and embedded technology, spoke at the High-Technology and Electronics Supply Chain Summit in Amsterdam in May about challenges and

Leadership: Why Recruiting More Women In Supply Chain Matters | Reuters Events | Supply Chain & Logistics Business Intelligence

Successful and well-balanced companies know that women business leaders—and their exceptional leadership skills—provide major benefits. But why is recruiting more female talent in supply chain and logistics still an issue? How to search for talent implies having a broad and open mind to look past the obvious, to go beyond conventional methods, and to accept that a better gender balance in supply chain results in a more successful business. But we’re struggling to make that happen in our industr

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