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Seoul Is the First City to Join the Metaverse

Seoul Is the First City to Join the Metaverse

The concept of a Metaverse refers to a virtual world or collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent Virtual Reality, where people can interact in an immersive environment.

Cities can benefit from being part of the Metaverse by providing virtual versions of their real-world locations and attractions, which can increase tourism and boost their economic activity.


Chatbots for Improved Higher Education Student Retention

Higher education administrators can now look at chatbot technology as a tool they can use when planning strategies and initiatives geared toward student retention.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming a part of higher education. From admissions to career services to mental health support. Now, a new study from Georgia State University reveals that when receiving targeted, personalized text messages from an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot college students are more likely to complete tasks

AI Chatbots Accelerate the Future of Higher Education

Higher education is a relatively new industry to many emerging technologies. This is the case of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as AI-powered chatbots. Conversational AI has the tremendous power to enhance the student experience and many colleges and universities are taking advantage of this and deploying AI-powered chatbots.

A chatbot is an AI text or voice-based interactive interface able to carry out a full conversation with a human. Chatbots are fed with data and de

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