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Susan Fourtané is a freelance Science and Technology Journalist, and writer of other things. She has been writing and reporting for a variety of global print and online publications since 2006.

Along the years, Susan has found inspiration in a wide range of topics of her interest within science & technology, business, sometimes mixing with the arts and design, or travel. As a long-time traveller, Susan enjoys writing about travel observations, cultural and historical facts, and destinations that have sparkled her curiosity. A favourite topic is exploring Smart Cities and write about their developments as well as how robotics and Artificial Intelligence are going to transform the world as we know it.

Susan enjoys writing about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, the Ethics of AI, Automation applied to different industries, Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology (IT), Cybersecurity, B2B, Productivity, Business Optimization, Aerospace, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 5G networking, Telecommunications, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Big Data and Analytics, Machine Learning, Connected/Electric/Autonomous Vehicles, Automotive, Machine to Machine (M2M), Electrification, Drone Technology, Digital Transformation, 3D/4D Printing, Smart Cities, Electronics, Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Management, Human Resources, Finance, Leadership, Design, Education Tech, Engineering, Startups, Innovation, Sensors and Wearables, a variety of content marketing, Health Tech, Clean Technology, Bio-Materials in the construction industry, Renewable Energy, and European Union supported projects on EU and UK research and innovation.

Susan investigates and writes about how emerging and disruptive technologies are transforming every industry and shaping society as a whole. To do this, she continuously attends world leading industry events and conferences to stay at the forefront of innovation. She interviews and speaks with scientists and industry leaders to gain insight that she applies in her writing. Susan enjoys experiencing and testing exciting technologies and products such as VR technologies, the Teslasuit, virtual cocktails, or autonomous cars. She interviewed Pepper the robot in Rotterdam for the Norwegian Airlines in-flight magazine and expects to interview Hanson Robotics' Sophia soon!

Susan is location independent, splitting her time between Finland, England, also the French Riviera, and spending long seasons in her new favourite base: The Greek Islands, especially in winter. Through her lifestyle, travels and working from different bases in Europe gives her a unique insight about how cities apply emerging technologies in practice and how local citizens adopt them and adapt to them. Of course, she stays longer periods in her favourite cities. This gives her a unique multicultural perspective as a citizen of the world, which she applies to her writing. You could also say she is a free spirit, a maverick, an out-of-the-box thinker. And you would be right!

Professional Affiliations:

  •  Member, Association of British Science Writers (ABSW)
  • Member, International Science Writers Association (ISWA)
  • Member, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
  • Member, Finnish Journalists Association
  • Member, Internet Press Guild (IPG)
  • Member, The Society of Authors (SoA) 
  • Member, London Press Club 

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Follow her travels and writing location adventures on Instagram. Next, Susan is planning on participating in a writers' retreat in a castle in England, Scotland, or France in preparation to writing her new book. More on this soon! 

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