Güvenç Özel Creates Robotic Installation Controlled by Virtual Reality

Architect, technologist and researcher Güvenç Özel uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), sensor technology, 3D-printing, and other emerging technologies in his architectural practice. The result is at the intersection of art, architecture, technology, virtual studies, media, and research on urban culture. "I think that 21st Century architecture is going to have a different set of priorities. I don't think that it will be about using technology to build more complicated buildi

ZTE to Launch 5G-ready Superfast Smartphone

ZTE Mobile Devices, a Division of ZTE Corporation, the Shenzen-based provider of telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, announced this week that the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G, the world's first Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship smartphone that adopts F2FS file system, is going to be available in Europe and China in May. ZTE announced its first 5G flagship smartphone earlier this year in February at MWC Barcelona where the company also demonstrated its

The One Love Machine Band Rocks the Stage in Rome

The One Love Machine Band came to life by chance. Berlin-based artist Kolja Kugler began creating and shaping the one-of-their-kind lively metallic band players through his scupture work. The result he obtained ended up being not only a creative and artistic work but also a work of engineering design. Or, even a window into the future, you may think. A future where robotics and Artificial Intelligence are expected to be an integral part of the entertainment industry in the cities of the future.

Artists and scientists collaboration: learning from experience

”It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing," said Steve Jobs. This philosophy inspired the EU project FEAT, which is crossing the finish line In Ancient Greece, there was a unity of arts, science, and philosophy. Future Emerging Arts and Technology (FEAT), a project about the role that art plays in science and innovation processes, tries to rediscover that unity.

The semiotics of supercomputers

Is there artistic potential in understanding quantum physics and high-performance computing (HPC)? New media visual artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič try to explain complex research projects from their perspective and create awareness of new technologies and their societal and environmental implications Exascale supercomputing refers to super fast computers to be implemented between 2018 and 2020 to analyse massive volumes of data. The downside: they consume vast amounts of energy. This issu

Supercomputers inspire artworks

New media artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič work on thought-provoking projects within the intersection of art, science, ecology and technology New media artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič - Credit: Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič Discovering the “intended and unintended meaning” of algorithms to produce artworks. This is one of the key-issues investigated by the Slovenian artists Špela Petrič and Miha Turšič. Originally from Ljubljana, they are currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Painting Finland through Irish eyes

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in August 2009. ---- Dublin artist Alan Hogan draws inspiration from Finnish nature, its lush landscapes and the beauty of the different seasons to create colourful and memorable landscapes. ALAN HOGAN has a permanent exhibition on display at The Art Garage in Karis/Karjaa, a mainly Swedish-speaking town one hour away from Helsinki. The gallery doors open to a world of vibrant colours and joyful scenes with a touch of sweet melancholy. Hogan warmly guides the visitors on a personal tour while explaining techniques

English language theatre in June

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in June 2009. ---- The Finn-Brit Players’ spring production is a Harold Pinter double-bill. A Slight Ache and Moonlight, directed by Bruce Marsland and Joan Nordlund respectively, are performed on Q-Teatteri’s Puoli-Q stage. Harold pinter was one of the most influential British playwrights of modern times. At the time of his death in 2008, he had achieved fame also as a screenwriter, actor, director, poet, author and political activist. He was the 2005 Nobel Laureate in Literature. Involving strong conflicts amo

Why boys don’t play with dolls?

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in May 2009. ---- This summer Kiasma challenges the pre-conceptions of masculinity and femininity exhibiting works created by men and curated by female researchers. Kiasma’s exhibition (Un)naturally explores and illustrates the diversity of gender. Since an early age, boys and girls learn to have gender roles. Games and toys are differentiated in the scene on the playground; girls playing with girls while boys are romping with boys. In the adult world, suddenly rules change when preferring the same gender part

Portraits of the soul

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in April 2009. ---- Annika von hausswolff has been on the forefront in making photography one of the most influential forms of media in contemporary art. She attracted attention in the 1990s with her staged works that bordered on documentary photography. Already in the series Back to Nature (1993) she employed the stylistic and contextual elements that would later define her signature style of production. The motifs of loneliness, frustration and melancholy link her art to the tradition of surrealism. von Hausswol

Once upon a time

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in April 2009. ---- Let me tell you a story . . . FOR CENTURIES, storytellers have conveyed events in words, images and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Some storytellers have brought magical characters to our life, organising information and building emotions up among us. Some bedtime stories have kept us awake, while others have taken us to magnificent worlds. Storytelling has existed as long as humanity has had language. Traditionally, oral stories were committed to memory and then passed on from gen

Onscreen civilisation

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in January 2009. ---- TATU HILTUNEN’S solo video exhibition Jamais Vu (never seen), often described as the opposite of déjà vu, deals with man in the modern world and his flirtation with art history, nature, society and the feeling of being confined in an open cage. Action, movement and speed are all trademarks in the artist’s works. Hiltunen discovers and experiments new options for his works while toying with stop-motion animation and frame slowing, the two video techniques he combines with still photographs. In

Rainy days and Mondays

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in May 2010. ---- IT IS MONDAY. The shower room is the secret space where one’s deepest thoughts come without censor or witnesses. Water magically showers away our true feelings about how past choices have shaped our present lives. Is this how we really wanted our lives to be? The duality of Monday is, for some, the beginning of the unbearable reality of the responsibilities at work or in the family that invariably hits every seven days. For others, it is the fresh and uplifting bright start of another week full

Kindness through art

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in October 2008. ---- A group of Helsinki based artists manifest that sadly people have neither edge nor interest for being nice anymore. QUESTIONING kindness is interesting. According to Aristotle’s book two in Rhetoric, kindness is one of the emotions which is defined as being “helpfulness toward someone in need, not in return of anything, not for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped.” The story behind the paintings Tensions in traditionally Tibetan areas of what is now western

Hide & Seek: Environmental event

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in September 2008. ---- In Finnish, ‘piilosta’ has multiple meanings: being hidden and staying hidden, to be found and finding. Hide & Seek/Piilosta is the theme LARU ART presents this year in Lauttasaari. International environmental artists will exhibit their works in a protected nature area on the Särkiniemi shoreline and in the Lauttasaari shopping centre. Egle Oddo, one of LARU’s members of the board, explains that the artists have been working with the concept of showing and hiding their art work, toying with th

Love is . . .

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in June 2009. ---- Hanna Korhonen’s exhibition Like I Said, I’m a Paradox, explores the true nature of love, the mystery of falling in love and the cultural idea behind it. The human heart is said to be the warm home of our feelings, emotions and love. A broken heart is pictured when feelings of pain result from love loss. But what is love? Do we become enamoured with the emotion, with the possibility of being loved and being with someone, rather than with the particular person involved? Through a personal trans

The art and tradition of swordsmanship

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in October 2009. ---- A brave knight in heavy armor, Highland Scots and medieval castles is what probably comes to our mind when we first hear of The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki. A brave knight in heavy armor, Highland Scots and medieval castles is whatprobably comes to our mind when we first hear of The School of EuropeanSwordsmanship in Helsinki. GUY WINDSOR, author of The Swordsman’s Companion and The Duellist’s Companion, founded the school in March 2001 under the principle that the pra

A gateway between Finnish and international art

Published by Helsinki Times in June 2008. ---- KIASMA celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a successful art festival last weekend. Those who attended the celebration maybe wondered about its history or at least felt a bit of curiosity for the people in pink suits they saw around. Why pink? Let’s find out! In 1998 Mikka Häkkinnen won his first world championship. Matti Ahtisaari was President of Finland. The local currency was the Finnish markka. Kiasma opened its doors to the art lovers on 30 May. The idea of a Contemporary Art Museum sta

Jacob Borges: A thought-provoking artist

Published by Helsinki Times (print and online) in August 2008. ---- Danish conceptual artist Jacob Borges came to Finland for a workshop and research trip in 2007. Back in Denmark, he applied for the HIAP residency programme. Helsinki Times visited Borges in his studio at HIAP to discover more about this witty artist and his work. During his two-month stay in Helsinki, Jacob Borges curated Urban Pedestals together with curator Lotte Petersen and prepared his first solo exhibition in Finland. Throughout his photo, sculpture and text related artwork, Borges reve

Savonlinna Ballet Festival

Published by Helsinki Times in August 2008. ---- Can you think of a more enchanting stage for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake than the world’s most northern still standing medieval stone fortress? Ballet lovers will be delighted with a new choreography of Swan Lake created by Kirill Simonov, the main choreographer of the Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia. The traditional tutus will share the stage with elegant black evening gowns and high heel shoes in Simonov’s Swan Lake. Settled in Germany of the late 1940s, the black scenes representing t
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