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Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

Gartner's Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021 highlight those trends that are set to drive significant disruption and opportunity over the next five to 10 years. Based on the principle that one size does not fit all, Gartner proposes that CIOs and IT leaders must decide what combination of trends will drive the most innovation and benefit the strategy of their company the most. In other words, each enterprise is unique and so should their choices be. These choices must reflect the path of

Emerging Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

As the end of the year approaches, we go through the impressive work market leading industry analysts have done to bring us the latest reports on technology trends that we should watch in 2021. Emerging technologies as well as other young technologies have led the way businesses have taken to advance and implement their digital transformation throughout the decades. The ones that follow, are some of the trends that will shape the way we work and live next year and beyond. Those of us who have

City as a Service: Helsinki Offers Free Relocation Package to Top Tech Talent

Are you a software engineer? A field application engineer? A coder? A developer? Perhaps an Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, or Big Data expert? Helsinki is looking for top tech talent and you might just want to apply. Before you do, I walk you through some facts that make Finland one of the best options for tech talent to grow and thrive if you are serious about relocating. Work-life balance is paramount in Finland. You could even bring your family if you have one. Helsinki

Bitcoin Remains Healthy During the Pandemic

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency from the many existing today, appeared in 2008 at the height of the global financial crisis. The Bitcoin creators intended to provide a tool for carrying out transactions via the Internet without the participation of a central unit managing the issue of money. It can be agreed that cryptocurrencies can be considered as an independent financial instrument. A group of scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Polish Academy of Science (IFJ PAN) in Kr

Air Purifiers Can Protect You Against Covid-19

Proper ventilation in indoor living spaces helps prevent all sorts of illnesses and reduces the transmission of viruses. This is common knowledge, not rocket science. The fresher and cleaner the air we breathe the better for our health. The use of portable air purifiers at home and in the office, as well as the novel wearable air purifiers that we can carry along with us, can reduce airborne viruses and germs in the living and working space. Wearable air purifiers can help clean the air in you

Working from Home And the Future of Smart Cities

Working from home is not a new concept. Yet, since March 2020 an increasing number of enterprises around the world --including giant tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter-- have announced their plans to continue granting employees the option of working remotely to anyone who wishes to do so, as nations keep on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Researchers and economists have found that the new working-from-home economy possesses challenges as well as benefits, bringing societal imp

Working from Home: Tips for Successful Remote Work

An increasing number of global companies around the world have announced during the past months their plans to continue the option of working from home for anyone who wishes to do it so after the pandemic. According to a Norwegian University of Science and Technology study published by the Journal of Praxis in Higher Education, the arguments for this include --but are not exclusive to-- the following: • None Greater flexibility in organizing work and family life situations seems to significantl

The New Working from Home Economy

Working from home (WFH) is not a new concept. For many of us, working from home has been part of an independent lifestyle for years. Working from home has often been linked to remote workers, location independent people, and digital nomads. However, since March 2020, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies, employees, and educational institutions around the world to dive into more active virtual coworking and other types of digital collaboration. With the help of digital tools s

Neuromorphic Computing: How the Brain-Inspired Technology Powers the Next-Generation of Artificial Intelligence

As a remarkable product of evolution, the human brain has a baseline energy footprint of about 20 watts; this gives the brain the power to process complex tasks in milliseconds. Today’s CPUs and GPUs dramatically outperform the human brain for serial processing tasks. However, the process of moving data from memory to a processor and back creates latency and, in addition, expends enormous amounts of energy. Neuromorphic systems attempt to imitate how the human nervous system operates. This fiel

Human Attitudes toward the Robot in the Room

The increasing presence of robots in society calls for a deeper understanding into what attitudes humans have toward robots. People may treat robots as mechanical artifacts, or may consider them to be intentional agents. This might result in explaining robots’ behavior as stemming from operations of the mind (intentional interpretation), or as a result of mechanical design (mechanical interpretation). A quick look at the robotics industry market size research shows that robots including industr

Heating in Vaping Devices Causes Lung Injury

Some smokers think that switching from regular smoking to vaping --a market to reach a value of almost $30 billion at a CAGR of more than 20 percent through 2022-- will let them enjoy their bad-smelling habit without the health risks and deathly consequences of smoking ciggies. As it turns out, there is no way out. Both smoking and vaping are addictive and have the potential to kill you. They affect your overall health and the health of those inhaling the second-hand, or third-hand smoking comi

World's First Graphene-Enabled Perovskite Solar Farm in Greece

Scientists at Graphene Flagship are working to assist in meeting the European Union's sustainable goals. Research on sustainable graphene-perovskite (G-PE) photovoltaics (PVs) could lead to more efficient renewable sources of energy. A Graphene Flagship's Spearhead Project, the Solar Farm project, has created the world's first graphene-enabled solar farm. The installation of the solar farm was successfully completed on the island of Crete, Greece. Graphene for sustainable applications has long

World's First Graphene Standardization Certificate and Awards

Graphene (Gr) has emerged as one of the most versatile and promising nanomaterials. Since its discovery in 2004, graphene has become a super-material, revolutionizing fields from electronics to telecommunications to aerospace to automotive to healthcare. Indeed, graphene has come a long way. However, very little has been done in terms of regulations and standards, until now. The Graphene Flagship Standardization Committee (GFSC) has recently launched its new Standardization Certificate, which i

Next-Generation of Electronics Will Include an Interconnect Insulator

a -BN sample grown on a Si substrate at T= 673K. Atomic species are shown in different colors: Si (yellow), Blue (N), Pink 3 (B) UNIST, SAIT, University of Cambridge, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology In the ongoing process of miniaturization of logic and memory devices in electronic circuits, reducing the dimensions of interconnects –metal wires that link different components on a chip– is crucial in order to guarantee fast response of the device and improve its performance.

Wood City: A Sustainable Smart City Development That Follows Finland's Tradition Using Wood As a Building Material

In September 1827, Turku's over 200-year-old wooden houses were completely destroyed by what is known as the Great Fire of Turku. This major national disaster remains up to this date as the largest urban fire in the history of Finland and the Nordic countries. The Great Fire of Turku destroyed 75 percent of the city of Turku in less than 24 hours, including Turku's Gothic Cathedral and the main building of the Imperial Academy of Turku; only 25 percent of the city was spared. 11,000 people were

Copenhagen: World's First Carbon-Neutral Smart City by 2025

Denmark's vibrant capital city, Copenhagen, is characterized by its canals, a well established cycling culture, strong economy, delicious pastries, astonishing architecture, and happy locals. In fact, Copenhagen is known for being one of the happiest cities in the world, if not the happiest. This is mainly due to their shorter workdays, free college tuition, more vacation days, and overall higher levels of healthy personal interaction. Basically, the Danes know how to live better. One can find

The New 5GAA 2030 Roadmap for Automotive Connectivity

Connected vehicles are already part of our daily life. The importance of connectivity will raise in the near future. Mobile communications technology continuously evolves, opening a wide range of new possibilities for the automotive industry. 5G technology is a key element for a fully connected vehicle. The combination of long-range and short-range connectivity delivers the optimal setup for safety and better efficiency in traffic. Drivers and passengers are expecting continuous connectivity,

3D-Printed Electronics for Agile, On-Demand Manufacturing

Efficient electronics supply chains deal with demands such as an iPhone requiring components from suppliers in over 40 countries. The production volume throughout the supply chain is usually based on sales predictions. If demand remains as expected, this works well, with little waste, smoothly as a Swiss watch. However, if there is a sudden slight consumer change in tastes or requirements, if sales of a new product are a lot better or worse than expected, or if a particular part is needed unexp

7 Books on Elon Musk That Will Inspire Startups

Startup founders and wanna-be entrepreneurs often have a role-model, someone they admire for their vision into the future, and their ability to create a successful company out of nothing. For many, that role model may be Elon Musk. Musk represents the indomitable force and tenacity that it takes to transform one's dreams into not one, but several successful companies, all driven by innovation and a mission to accomplish something big: To change the world, to save the world, to build a world on
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