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Writing, reporting, and interviewing industry leaders since 2006 usually on topics related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ethics of AI, Robotics, Automation, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Leadership, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Telecoms, Future Trends, Futurism, Space and the Future of Multi-planetary Life, Transhumanism, Biohacking, Healthcare, and Education among others; and how emerging technologies are effecting different industries and society. 

Travelling around Europe reporting on the latest technology events, both physical and virtual. 
Usually bouncing between Helsinki (FI), London (UK), Brighton (UK), Nice (FR), and the Greek Islands as well as other cities where I conduct specific research. Location Independent and free spirited.  

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IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

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Artificial Intelligence to Play Instrumental Role in Future of Higher Education

Many researchers believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has more potential to change higher education than any other technology. The potential and impact of AI on teaching have prompted some colleges and universities to take a closer look at it, accelerating its adoption across campuses. For perspective, the global AI market is projected to reach almost $170 billion by 2025. By 2028, the AI market size is expected to gain momentum by reaching over $360 billion, registering a growth rate of 3

Addressing the Rise in Depression and Anxiety on College Campuses

Ongoing uncertainties are forcing colleges and universities to increase their offerings of mental health services. Many educational institutions are realizing that the pandemic continues to affect their students; they are pushed to respond to students who are still processing events, loss of family members, and their own struggles with stress, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, loneliness, and suicidal ideation, according to a number of recent studies. The Centers for Disease Control and Pre

Making Higher Ed Safe: How Air Purifiers Can Reduce the Spread of Covid-19

Colleges and universities have been developing plans to reduce virus transmission in order to protect students and faculty’s health. Returning to face-to-face education means being exposed to the possibility of getting infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Studies have shown that despite being vaccinated, infection and transmission of the virus is possible. Some colleges and universities have imposed a mask mandate on their students and faculty when returning to campus. How

Digital Transformation, Student Centricity at the Core of Higher Education

As blended learning takes the central stage in higher education institutions, education leaders need to make sure that everyone on campus has access to the quality and secure connectivity that today’s applications and devices require for their optimal performance. Reza Jafari, CEO and Founder of e-Development International and Jake Stine, Principal Architect at AT&T Business joined Fierce Education’s Head of Content Elliot Markowitz to discuss how colleges and universities can design or upgrade

Digital Transformation Toward 2023: The Digital CEO Agenda

The Covid-19 pandemic disruption has reset organizations globally. If we think about the lockdown and restrictions as a ‘metamorphosis process’, we could say that businesses will emerge from the cocoon with extra wings powered by an accelerated digital transformation. As enterprises rebuild and replan, the digital CEO agenda shifts to a digital-first world that may require new investments. Spending on Digital Transformation will continue to grow as we move forward. According to market research

NACCE and IBM Partner to Use Skills-Based Learning

Strategic partnerships between higher education institutions and technology industry leaders are at the core of digital transformation in education. Strategic collaborations result beneficial not only to institutions but also to students. Most recently, the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) and IBM will convene five member colleges to review IBM’s SkillsBuild platform in order to develop an educator resource portal. The academic partnership is part of IBM’s glo

Students Share Their Vision for the University of the Future

The question of what learning and teaching should look like at the university of the future is being discussed around the world. Moreover, with the founding of a new technical university in Upper Austria, global students at the first Festival University presented their ideas and visions at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. The Festival University is an international hybrid summer university started by Johannes Kepler University (JKU) and Ars Electronica. One hundred selected student

Tips for Colleges and Universities to Optimize Their Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connected devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles are not the only smart devices you can typically find across campus in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). From thermostats to smart locks to security cameras pretty much everything is connected to the Wi-Fi network. This means that operational efficiency cannot be neglected, otherwise it can cause real chaos as Suffolk University has learned. Suffolk University in Boston, MA, realized that connected thermo

Higher Education Needs to Move Toward Mass-Personalization

Every industry, from health sciences to marketing to manufacturing, is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate the delivery of mass-personalization, yet education has been slow in its adoption. These smart systems create personalized solutions targeted to meet the unique needs of every individual. Artificial Intelligence-based technologies have the potential of serving as tools for educators to provide personalized learning. However, for mass-personalization to work, institutions first

University Students Protest Color Coded Vaccination Wristbands

Students returning to campus for the first Freshers’ week in two years find themselves in the awkward situation of having to declare their Covid-19 vaccination status and being given wristbands to be identified publicly if they have been vaccinated, or not. This move is causing alarm in England as the universities involved seem to be going beyond the Department of Education’s advice of making face masks mandatory indoors and U.S. higher education institutions are watching closely. A new form of

Artificial Intelligence Plays Key Role in the Future of Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence-based technologies have the potential of becoming tools used to promote equity and provide personalized learning. The use of AI and other technologies in colleges and universities open the doors of higher education to all disregarding where in the world they live. Location and time become a thing of the past while curiosity, creativity, and collaboration are encouraged and supported; students become global students, and universities become borderless. In fact, a Stanfor

Using Mobile Applications to Better Engage College Students

To say the current generation of college students —and those to come— are technology savvy, is an understatement. They are the most connected generation of students to date spending more than four hours per day using mobile applications. Mobile applications have the capacity to build campus connections and engage students like never before. When instructors use an effective mobile strategy, the student engagement rate increases exponentially. Data scientists, social scientists, and behavioral

Protecting Student, Institution Data While Embracing Cloud Technology

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, higher education has frantically implemented new technologies to better engage students and create seamless access. However, during this tech build up, many security holes have been opened putting institution data and student privacy at risk. Speaking at “Higher Education: The Connected Campus”, a virtual event for leaders in higher education organized by Fierce Education in partnership with Fierce Telecom and FierceWireless, Raffi Jamgotchian, President

Many Colleges Still Evaluating the Need for a Mask Mandate

The highly transmissible Delta variant has prompted many to keep on wearing a face mask, despite being vaccinated. Others, however, believe this to be unnecessary. While some colleges and universities have announced a vaccine and mask mandate, like Stanford University, some others recommend, but not require them. Some institutions, such as Rice University, have opted for an initial period of online instruction before resuming in-person classes. As the new semester unfolds, higher education rema

University Teams with Salesforce to Create Digital Campus

Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois partnered with cloud-based software company Salesforce to create an innovative online program aimed at adult students who wish to complete their education. The YourWay initiative, built with Education Cloud, offers students to complete general-education courses with no upfront costs, no tuition, no books purchases, and no fees. The only cost is for official transcripts at $50 per credit hour which are payable via PayPal. This fe

Transfer Students are Looking for Online Education Options

Covid-19 prompted vaccine mandates in many universities but not in all. This could not only impact future enrollment but also make U.S. traditional transfer options more difficult than last year. According to a National Student Clearinghouse Research Center June 2021 report (PDF), student mobility declined at all institution types, and in particular among Black and Latinx students. White, Black, Latinx, and Asian transfer students all fared better at public four-year colleges but worsened at co

Universities' Vaccine Mandate Could Impact Future Enrollment

Colleges and universities have the right to set their own enrollment rules. Students have the right to choose or reject where they want to enroll. How is a vaccine mandate going to affect future enrollment? University and college vaccine mandates are a rather hot topic for higher education students, faculty, and administration. With many institutions mandating Covid-19 vaccinations for all students who will be attending in-person classes this fall, there is a lot of discussion around the topic.

Many Universities Requiring Students to Get Vaccinated

As higher education institutions prepare for the new academic year, universities on both sides of the Atlantic demand full vaccination and compulsory face masks on campus. The move is meant to stop the Delta variant from causing the chaos seen in universities last year. In the United States, colleges are increasingly requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccinated to comply with campus vaccine requirements. A list of institutions, gathered by Best Colleges, is updated regularly as new informatio

AI Chatbots Accelerate the Future of Higher Education

Higher education is a relatively new industry to many emerging technologies. This is the case of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as AI-powered chatbots. Conversational AI has the tremendous power to enhance the student experience and many colleges and universities are taking advantage of this and deploying AI-powered chatbots. A chatbot is an AI text or voice-based interactive interface able to carry out a full conversation with a human. Chatbots are fed with data and de

How Smart Manufacturing Embraces a Digital Future

Smart manufacturing plays a paramount role disrupting and transforming traditional production and operations in the supply chain thanks to the combination of technology, data, processes, and human interaction. The pandemic has served as a catalyst, accelerating smart manufacturing initiatives. Yet, few organizations have embraced sustained action. For manufacturing leaders, now is the time to take a step forward and accelerate moves toward digital maturity and improved business performance. In
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Technology is evolutionary and so I am. My interests are as wide and they are diverse. I enjoy researching and writing about anything that picks my curiosity, including the following: 

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