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Neuromorphic Computing: How the Brain-Inspired Technology Powers the Next-Generation of Artificial Intelligence

As a remarkable product of evolution, the human brain has a baseline energy footprint of about 20 watts; this gives the brain the power to process complex tasks in milliseconds. Today’s CPUs and GPUs dramatically outperform the human brain for serial processing tasks. However, the process of moving data from memory to a processor and back creates latency and, in addition, expends enormous amounts of energy. Neuromorphic systems attempt to imitate how the human nervous system operates. This fiel

Human Attitudes toward the Robot in the Room

The increasing presence of robots in society calls for a deeper understanding into what attitudes humans have toward robots. People may treat robots as mechanical artifacts, or may consider them to be intentional agents. This might result in explaining robots’ behavior as stemming from operations of the mind (intentional interpretation), or as a result of mechanical design (mechanical interpretation). A quick look at the robotics industry market size research shows that robots including industr

Heating in Vaping Devices Causes Lung Injury

Some smokers think that switching from regular smoking to vaping --a market to reach a value of almost $30 billion at a CAGR of more than 20 percent through 2022-- will let them enjoy their bad-smelling habit without the health risks and deathly consequences of smoking ciggies. As it turns out, there is no way out. Both smoking and vaping are addictive and have the potential to kill you. They affect your overall health and the health of those inhaling the second-hand, or third-hand smoking comi

World's First Graphene-Enabled Perovskite Solar Farm in Greece

Scientists at Graphene Flagship are working to assist in meeting the European Union's sustainable goals. Research on sustainable graphene-perovskite (G-PE) photovoltaics (PVs) could lead to more efficient renewable sources of energy. A Graphene Flagship's Spearhead Project, the Solar Farm project, has created the world's first graphene-enabled solar farm. The installation of the solar farm was successfully completed on the island of Crete, Greece. Graphene for sustainable applications has long

World's First Graphene Standardization Certificate and Awards

Graphene (Gr) has emerged as one of the most versatile and promising nanomaterials. Since its discovery in 2004, graphene has become a super-material, revolutionizing fields from electronics to telecommunications to aerospace to automotive to healthcare. Indeed, graphene has come a long way. However, very little has been done in terms of regulations and standards, until now. The Graphene Flagship Standardization Committee (GFSC) has recently launched its new Standardization Certificate, which i

Next-Generation of Electronics Will Include an Interconnect Insulator

a -BN sample grown on a Si substrate at T= 673K. Atomic species are shown in different colors: Si (yellow), Blue (N), Pink 3 (B) UNIST, SAIT, University of Cambridge, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology In the ongoing process of miniaturization of logic and memory devices in electronic circuits, reducing the dimensions of interconnects –metal wires that link different components on a chip– is crucial in order to guarantee fast response of the device and improve its performance.

Wood City: A Sustainable Smart City Development That Follows Finland's Tradition Using Wood As a Building Material

In September 1827, Turku's over 200-year-old wooden houses were completely destroyed by what is known as the Great Fire of Turku. This major national disaster remains up to this date as the largest urban fire in the history of Finland and the Nordic countries. The Great Fire of Turku destroyed 75 percent of the city of Turku in less than 24 hours, including Turku's Gothic Cathedral and the main building of the Imperial Academy of Turku; only 25 percent of the city was spared. 11,000 people were

Copenhagen: World's First Carbon-Neutral Smart City by 2025

Denmark's vibrant capital city, Copenhagen, is characterized by its canals, a well established cycling culture, strong economy, delicious pastries, astonishing architecture, and happy locals. In fact, Copenhagen is known for being one of the happiest cities in the world, if not the happiest. This is mainly due to their shorter workdays, free college tuition, more vacation days, and overall higher levels of healthy personal interaction. Basically, the Danes know how to live better. One can find

The New 5GAA 2030 Roadmap for Automotive Connectivity

Connected vehicles are already part of our daily life. The importance of connectivity will raise in the near future. Mobile communications technology continuously evolves, opening a wide range of new possibilities for the automotive industry. 5G technology is a key element for a fully connected vehicle. The combination of long-range and short-range connectivity delivers the optimal setup for safety and better efficiency in traffic. Drivers and passengers are expecting continuous connectivity,

3D-Printed Electronics for Agile, On-Demand Manufacturing

Efficient electronics supply chains deal with demands such as an iPhone requiring components from suppliers in over 40 countries. The production volume throughout the supply chain is usually based on sales predictions. If demand remains as expected, this works well, with little waste, smoothly as a Swiss watch. However, if there is a sudden slight consumer change in tastes or requirements, if sales of a new product are a lot better or worse than expected, or if a particular part is needed unexp

7 Books on Elon Musk That Will Inspire Startups

Startup founders and wanna-be entrepreneurs often have a role-model, someone they admire for their vision into the future, and their ability to create a successful company out of nothing. For many, that role model may be Elon Musk. Musk represents the indomitable force and tenacity that it takes to transform one's dreams into not one, but several successful companies, all driven by innovation and a mission to accomplish something big: To change the world, to save the world, to build a world on

Connected Cars with Infotainment Architecture, Digital Cockpit to Be Mainstream by 2030

The automotive industry is expecting big changes within this decade. Industry research and technology market trends analyst firm ABI Research forecasts that between 2020 and 2030, 461 million vehicles with head-unit and digital dashboard displays will be shipped, in addition to 115 million vehicles with digital cockpit architecture. Your dream car will include a big screen of at least 12 inches, a virtual assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence, video and game streaming, in addition to aut

Greenland and Antarctica Are Losing Ice Six Times Faster than Expected, Matching Climate Change Worst-Case Scenario

Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice six times faster than in the 1990s. The loss of ice has reached 6.4 trillion tonnes between 1992 and 2017. This represents a push of global sea levels up by 17.8 millimeters (or 0.709 inches). In 2019, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported that glaciers lost nine trillion tonnes of ice in half a century. An international team of 89 polar scientists used observation data spanning three decades to produce a single estimate of Greenland and Antarctica's l

Astra Nova School, Following Elon Musk's Ad Astra School Experiment, Leads the Future of Education

In the 2030s, many jobs are going to be quite different from the jobs that exist today. Moreover, many of those jobs do not exist just yet, and some are simply unimaginable today. The future of work will require a set of skills that are not taught in schools today. No one knows if they will ever be part of the curriculum, unless the education system gets a very much needed update and upgrade to the 21st century, in addition to a mindset with vision into the future. What I mean is that most of t

Europe's First Artificial Intelligence Space Missions

Europe's first Artificial Intelligence Earth observation mission, ɸ-Sat-1, was successfully launched. ESA's ɸ-Sat-2 is now underway. Following ESA's successful launch of its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) Earth observation mission ɸ-Sat-1 (pronounced Phi-Sat-1), the European Space Agency (ESA) follows-up with the next innovative state-of-the-art technology: ɸ-Sat-2 (Phi-Sat-2). In another historical event to advance European space missions, on September 3, 2020, ESA launched its ɸ-Sat-1, a

China's Reusable Spacecraft Returns to Earth after a Weekend in Orbit

The 2020s might be known in history as the decade when space missions and the modern space race accelerated the conquest of the next frontier. While most of the news we read tells us about what NASA, ESA, and SpaceX have accomplished, others such as China, launch their space missions without too much fanfare. Or, as a secret mission. In 2017, Chinese officials announced their plans to launch their own new spacecraft by 2020. The reusable rocket would also launch and land horizontally and take-o

The First Emperor of China Who Died in His Quest Pursuing Immortality

Once upon a time, over two thousand years ago, the first Emperor of China was so great, powerful, and ambitious that he spent his entire life pursuing his ultimate goal: Trying to find a potion that could make him immortal. Indeed, in the end, he found immortality in the history books. This crucial chapter in Chinese history unfolded in one of the oldest cities in China, the city of Xi'an. The birth of China's first imperial dynasty took place during a time of conflict, betrayal, and lust for p

Ethics of AI: Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence Systems

The convergence of the availability of a vast amount of big data, the speed and stretch of cloud computing platforms, and the advancement of sophisticated machine learning algorithms have given birth to an array of innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In theory, the beneficial impact of AI systems on government translates into improving healthcare services, education, and transportation in smart cities. Other applications that benefit from the implementation of AI systems in the public

Elon Musk: The Story of a Maverick

At times, Elon Musk may appear controversial. He may spike long-lasting discussions on social media right after one of his multiple Tweets. The truth is, Elon Musk is one-of-a-kind. You can like him or not, agree with him or not. The truth is, Elon Musk is a maverick. Elon Reeve Musk founded his first company in 1995 when he was only 23 years old. Then he sold it for $307 million dollars when he was 28. He received $22 million dollars from the sale and became a millionaire. Rather than sitting

Killer Robots Could Cause Mass Atrocities

Robots will be used as soldiers in the future. Robots will be used as soldiers in the future. In fact, some robots as well as drones are already being deployed by the military. Intelligent and autonomous robots programmed by humans to target and kill could commit crimes in the future. Unless, there is a treaty for robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be responsibly used. Having the technology that can build robots that kill available does not mean we have to use it. As Spiderman's uncl
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