The New 5GAA 2030 Roadmap for Automotive Connectivity

Connected vehicles are already part of our daily life. The importance of connectivity will raise in the near future. Mobile communications technology continuously evolves, opening a wide range of new possibilities for the automotive industry. 5G technology is a key element for a fully connected vehicle. The combination of long-range and short-range connectivity delivers the optimal setup for safety and better efficiency in traffic. Drivers and passengers are expecting continuous connectivity,

Nokia Announced Private 5G SA for Industry and Manufacturing

Nokia has announced the global commercial availability of its new industrial-grade standalone 5G (5G SA) network solutions for private enterprise. Nokia's 5G SA provides a roadmap to fulfill the needs of the most demanding industrial, robotics, and manufacturing use cases. The Finnish company also announced a new contract with the mining division of Swedish tool manufacturer Sandvik for the deployment of Nokia's 5G SA network at its test mine in the city of Tampere, Finland. The deal with Sandv

Vodafone Demos How 5G Improves The Safety of Connected Cars for Urban Mobility for The First Time in Italy

Connected and autonomous vehicles are going to bring unprecedented social, industrial, and economic benefits. As the end of the year approaches, we can say that 2019 has been an interesting year for the automotive industry. Connected cars can improve road safety as well as reducing congestion. By 2020, there is an approximate 381 million connected cars that will be found around the world. And for this to become a reality, the rollout of 5G networks must be in place. Thanks to the next-generation